The Independent Hawaii Accounting Firm Accuity LLP will serve as the official contest verification service to ensure winners are selected fairly and according to the official contest rules.

Give it a Shot…
There is no purchase necessary.

The contest is open to all Hawaii residents 18 years of age and older who have received at least one covid-19 vaccination shot of Moderna or Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson. You can participate from any island/county in Hawaii. You will be required to show proof of vaccination occurring prior to entering the contest. This contest is open to all who have been vaccinated during the vaccination period in Hawaii that meets the contest requirements.

To enter The HIGOTVACCINATED Rewards Contest you can enter on-line at HIGOTVACCINATED.COM from June 4, 2021 to November 30, 2021 (or until all prizes have been issued) on the enter to win page. You can also enter by sending a self-addressed and stamped post card or letter to: HIGOTVACCINATED Rewards C/O H&B Marketing 1164 Bishop Street Suite 1201, Honolulu, HI 96813. Your USPS mail entry must be received no later than November 30, 2021 to be added to the on-line entries received and merged for the contest drawing.

All entries received via on-line or via USPS Mail will be given a number based on the order they are received/entered. The drawing will be held on October 1, 2021. Winners will be chosen randomly for the prizes starting with lowest value to highest value. Equal value prizes will be chosen in order by company name alphabet A to Z. The numbers will be selected with an independent accounting firm ensuring the drawing is done fairly and properly according to the rules. The number selected is associated with the name in the entry data base. The number in the data base will then be called and in turn the name will be connected with the chosen number and named as the potential winner if they all the eligibility requirements (covered herein). The contest coordinators will contact winners by phone and/or email immediately following the drawing. In the event the prize winners do not respond within 5 days another winner will be chosen for that particular prize and new winners will be contacted until a winner is finally selected for each prize. The contest coordinator entity will verify the eligibility of the winner and share the verification information with the independent accounting firm to confirm the eligibility of the winner and certify they have won the prize after meeting all outlined eligibility rules and obligations formally allowing for the prize to be transferred from the prize provider to the prize winner.

The names and information collected for the contest will be maintained for contest and related legal purposes only and will not be shared, sold, manipulated or used for any purpose not related to providing a contest entry opportunity. The entries will be destroyed following the legal hold period deadline.

The Contest Coordinating Entity will properly identify themselves when contacting participants and allow for verification. We will not ever ask for any financial information, any personal information unrelated to the CDC covid-19 vaccination card and that questions will be asked just to verify the person has indeed been vaccinated using simple information on the card such as date, location and Lot #. Once we have determined that the person selected was eligible and can be a winner they will need to sign some documents that will also not contain any personal information other than name and address and phone number and email if applicable.

Each week, we will select winners using the same system described herein. The contestants for the weekly drawings will be notified of being a potential winner as a result of being selected, and must present a valid CDC Covid-19 vaccinat